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Intelligent School Administration
For Primary & Secondary Schools


The iSchool TT Student Information System (SIS) is a FREE web-based school administration and management information system developed to streamline the collection and management of student records and school information.


It gives administrators the power to connect and collaborate more efficiently with parents, teachers and students, simplifying school administration and delivering improved learning outcomes for learners.


Easy, Accurate Data Collection, Management & Reporting

Relying on manual data entry and collection in schools is tedious, time-consuming and can result in errors. The iSchool TT Managment Information System integrates school data from several different sources into one centralized repository, eliminating the need to continually search for and re-enter manual data stored elsewhere.


The system automates many of the administrative tasks associated with efficient school management, saving time and money with no additional IT investment or software implementation required by the school.


Absolutely Free, Quick Setup & Easy To Use

iSchool TT is all about simplicity with ready-to-use dashboards for staff, parents and students that display all their schedules, data, tasks, notifications, reports and analyses - with detailed drill-down reports in just a few clicks.


The iSchool Student Information System (SIS) is absolutely free, and with simple online Excel setup templates, schools can get started quickly without the need for specialist technical support or software installation. Just follow the easy school setup process. Simply copy and paste your school and student data into the setup templates, upload them, and we do the rest. Your SIS can be ready in two days.


Online Access For All Stakeholders

As a secure web-based solution, the SIS is accessible on any internet enabled device, from desktop browsers through to tablets and smartphones.


Standard Teacher VUE, Parent VUE and Student VUE modules allow staff, parents and students free, secure online access to their own records from anywhere and at any time.



Teacher VUE

Access and manage your classroom from the comfort of your home. Real-time access to your school's Student Information System allows you to enter marks, view student demographics, schedules, emergency contacts and more from anywhere you are.

Parent VUE

Stay informed and connected with day-to-day insight into your child's academic experience. Receive notifications and access real-time information on assignments and scores, attendance, accademic progress and demographic information.

Student VUE

Stay connected and motivated with day-to-day insights into your own academic performance. Get teacher contact information, access class schedules, receive notifications and real-time information on assignments, scores and transcripts.



Feature List
Powerful features for easy, efficient school management
  Academic Records
Comprehensive academic reports and transcript management
Automatic weighted-average final mark calculations and grades
Multiple coursework assessments per term
Compulsory and/or optional subjects
Class scheduling and time-table management
Teacher comments, parent comments and student reflections
Easily view historical student reports and transcripts
  Student Records
Bio-data, photos, contact information, parents, medical info and interests
Dedicated portal with access to profile, academic reports and logs
Incident logs, behaviour, participation and attendance tracking
Class time-table, notes, book-lists and syllabus
Student class history, move, transfer, promote, suspend and graduate
  Teacher Records
Automated online staff registration and approval process
Bio-data, photos, contact information, position, qualifications and interests
Multiple access levels and access-based permissions
Incident logs, participation and attendance tracking
Dedicated portal with access to profile, calendar and logs
Enter and edit coursework and term test results online
Enter student logs, absenteeism and lateness
Verify parent access requests and grant or deny acess
  Parent Records
Automated online parent registration and approval process
Bio-data, photos, contact information, occupation and interests
Incident logs, participation and contact tracking
View academic reports, coursework and term test results online
Dedicated portal with access to student profile, time-table and logs
View student logs, behaviour, participation and attendance tracking
Verify student access requests and grant or deny access
  Reporting & Analytics
Suite of standard school and student pages, lists, reports, forms and views
Advanced searches by name, class, house, department, activities & interests
Historical student marks graphs by student, class, department, house and year
Attendance tracker with parent/form-teacher messaging and alerts
Historical student logs graphs by student, class, incident type, house and school
  Messaging & Communication
Instant messaging, group messages to students, staff members and parents
Online bulletin boards for staff only, students only, parents only or public
School calendar with term dates and holidays, repeating and upcoming events
Photo albums and online photo uploads into news bulletins and calendar events
Video library with You-Tube video playlist integration
  Teacher VUE
Secure Staff Profile & Dashboard
Easy Marking & Student Comments
Analyze Performance & Trends
Take Attendance and Behaviour Logs
Instant Messages and Alerts
Inspire & Motivate Students
Quick Student Reports & Transcripts
  Parent VUE
Secure Parent Profile & Dashboard
Easy Access to Student Reports
Analyze Performance & Trends
View Attendance and Behaviour Logs
Instant Messages and Alerts
Inform, Involve and Inspire
Print Student Reports & Transcripts
  Student VUE
Secure Student Profile & Dashboard
Easy Access to Student Reports
Analyze Performance & Trends
View Attendance and Behaviour Logs
Instant Messages and Alerts
Inform, Involve and Motivate
Print Student Reports & Transcripts
  Free Technical Support
Comprehensive online help screens on every page
Industry-standard SSL secured system hosting
Support tickets, instant messaging and email support from developer
Automated daily backups, system maintenance and data recovery
Annual improvements and upgrades based on your recommendations
Easy data migration with Excel/CSV imports, exports and template downloads
  Custom Development
Free Custom Development of additional forms and reports
  Custom Branding, Ad Free
Custom system branding with your logos and colours
Ad-Free service

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Privacy Policy

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Student Information System

Education management information systems specifically developed for schools in Trinidad & Tobago and the english-speaking Caribbean.

Responsive School Websites

Development and hosting of responsive school websites and SIS portals with custom applications and resources to build vibrant school communities.

Student ID Cards & Badges

Student Photo ID cards and badges for secure access to school compound and resources. Durable plastic photo ID cards, custom designs and easy ordering.

Report Books & Publications

Design and on-demand printing of student report books, information booklets, school stationery and publications. Professional design and speedy delivery.

School Listings

Online directory of all primary and secondary schoools in Trinidad and Tobago complete with maps, address and phone numbers searchable by name, type and more.

Teacher Comments

Online database of insightful teacher comments grouped by topic to find the perfect comment for any student. Edit, copy and paste into your student reports.



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