Student VUE

Get connected and motivated with day-to-day insights into your own academic performance


The StudentVUE Student Information System portal provides powerful education progress and alalysis tools to help motivate and involve students of primary and secondary schools in thier own education.

Access subject grades and reports, attendance and behaviour logs, communicate with teachers, check class schedules, view posted assignments and more.

StudentVUE also provides powerful built-in data analysis that help students visualise their progress and provides effective, timely insights into their development.

The system is also user and mobile friendly to work the way you do, from wherever you are.

Features & Benefits
  Secure Student Profile & Dashboard
Password-protected student profiles and dashboard access student information, time-table, calendar, bulletins, photos, videos and more.
  Easy Access to Student Reports
Quickly view and print reports and enter student reflections online. Drill-down to individual subject marks and teacher comments.
  Analyze Performance & Trends
Powerful graphing tools to track performance by year, subject and class over time to identify problems and analyze trends.
  View Attendance and Student Logs
Access incident logs for easy tracking of attendance and lateness, behaviour, participation, progress, achievements and awards.
  Instant Messages and Alerts
Connect with class-mates and teachers key events, assigned coursework or student observations through instant messaging and email.
  Informed, Involved and Motivated
Online school calendar, upcoming events and bulletin boards to inform and involve. Upload and share event photos and videos.
  Print Student Reports & Transcripts
Easily access historical records from anywhere. Instantly search, view and print historical report sheets, student logs and transcripts.

SSL Security

Encrypted connections secure your data.

Online Help

Contextual help available on every page.

24/7 Support

Daily backups and friendly technical support.


Introductory Video

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Online Demo

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Student Information System

Education management information systems specifically developed for schools in Trinidad & Tobago and the english-speaking Caribbean.

Responsive School Websites

Development and hosting of responsive school websites and SIS portals with custom applications and resources to build vibrant school communities.

Student ID Cards & Badges

Student Photo ID cards and badges for secure access to school compound and resources. Durable plastic photo ID cards, custom designs and easy ordering.

Report Books & Publications

Design and on-demand printing of student report books, information booklets, school stationery and publications. Professional design and speedy delivery.

School Listings

Online directory of all primary and secondary schoools in Trinidad and Tobago complete with maps, address and phone numbers searchable by name, type and more.

Teacher Comments

Online database of insightful teacher comments grouped by topic to find the perfect comment for any student. Edit, copy and paste into your student reports.



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