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Cost Effective Print Solutions

We produce affordable, consistently high quality print projects, from design through print and finishing, offering the best value on all your school publications.


Student Report Books

Custom designed Report Books for Primary and Secondary Schools. Record your students' academic progress, social behaviour, attitude to work and more from Infants through Standard 5, and from Form 1 through Form 5 and beyond.


Designed with intuitive layouts for recording and displaying student progress, school information, glossary of terms, teacher and parent comments, student reflections and more, our professionally printed and finished report books are by far the best instrument for recording a students' performance throughout his/her stay at your school.



Student Handbooks & Information Booklets

We provide professional planning, design, illustration and layout of your school rules, mission, vision, uniform, and expectations for student behaviour, neatly organized and packaged into handy booklets.


Designed with helpful guidelins and illustrations for new students and parents to follow, our on-demand printing of student handbooks and information booklets help establish the standards and expectations for students and parents at your school.



Quality On-Demand Printing, Affordability & Speed

You never need to sacrifice quality for cost or speed. With more than 10 years experience in print publication, our reliable printing and binding service gives you consistently high quality print and multiple finishing options at affordible prices in small or large quantities.


Free Online Quotes & Design Proposals

With our free online quotes and free design proposals, it couldn't be easier to start designing your student report books, information booklets, or any other school publication today. Just request a quote, upload your images, copy and design elements, and get a free design proposal by email in 2 days!


Convenient features of affordable on-demand print services

Student Report Books

  Custom Design & Layout
Custom design and layout
Primary schools infants through standard five
Secondary schools forms one through five
School mission and vision, school rules and glossary of terms
Guidelines for defining social behaviour and attitudes
Term test achievement, end of term achievement, social behaviour and attitude to work
Attendance, regularity and punctuality, progress report and promotion status
Teacher comments, student self-reflections and parent comments
Free design updates and changes
  On-Demand Printing & Delivery
Professional quality printing and finishing services
On-demand printing in large or small quantities
Speedy printing and delivery in as little as 2 days

School Publications

  Custom Design & Layout
Student Information Booklets
Pamphlets, Leaflets, Flyers
Copy Book Labels
Call Cards
Free design updates and changes
  On-Demand Printing & Delivery
Professional quality printing and finishing services
On-demand printing in large or small quantities
Speedy printing and delivery in as little as 2 days


Student Information System

Education management information systems specifically developed for schools in Trinidad & Tobago and the english-speaking Caribbean.

Responsive School Websites

Development and hosting of responsive school websites and SIS portals with custom applications and resources to build vibrant school communities.

Student ID Cards & Badges

Student Photo ID cards and badges for secure access to school compound and resources. Durable plastic photo ID cards, custom designs and easy ordering.

Report Books & Publications

Design and on-demand printing of student report books, information booklets, school stationery and publications. Professional design and speedy delivery.

School Listings

Online directory of all primary and secondary schoools in Trinidad and Tobago complete with maps, address and phone numbers searchable by name, type and more.

Teacher Comments

Online database of insightful teacher comments grouped by topic to find the perfect comment for any student. Edit, copy and paste into your student reports.



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