Reasons To Outsource Your School Website Management

Most websites look great when you first launch a new site but what happens a year or two down the road when youve had a variety of people adding deleting revising and reorganizing it

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The most vital work of a school website is the ongoing upkeep. It might look great when you first get handed a nice looking and intuitive new site, but what happens a year or two down the road when you've had a variety of people adding, deleting, revising, and reorganizing it? Do those folks making the changes understand best practices for website design or layout? Do they have a good grasp of public relations and how the school website affects your school's reputation and image? Or, is everyone doing their own thing--or maybe doing nothing because no one has the time to take on these extra tasks?


#1 Your School's Image

Every parent, student, and taxpayer should be able to go to your school websites and see evidence of great things happening within the walls of your schools. They should see what quality their tax dollars or tuition are buying. It can also save you money when it saves your staff time by providing answers to those commonly requested questions, making forms readily available, letting parents get the information they need quickly and conveniently--just by visiting your school website. It can cut down on phone calls to your office. It can buy goodwill by making the job of being an involved parent a bit easier while improving communication. It can help you build the positive and respected image you hope to present to your patrons.

If done right you will not only improve your public image but can attract more students, save money, go green (stop using all that paper to get the job done), improve staff morale, and gain the respect that our educators in this country deserve. All this by making good use of that school website and your social media platforms? Yep. It's just good public relations and smart leadership.

#2 Website Management Skillsets

Getting the right skill sets, especially for the areas critical to website management, which include graphic design, copywriting, editing, proofing, public relations, and a solid understanding of website best practices, means requiring much more from typical school personnel who are hired for a completely different set of skills. You also must deal with staff turnover so you will be hiring for those skill sets over and over again.

#3 Saving Money

Outsourcing can save your school money, as compared to paying internal staff to develop and manage a website, especially considering budget limitations that schools face. It can also provide you with predictable costs--you'll know what to expect each year. A company focused on these specific skillsets can also save money by taking advantage of economies of scale, which you can't do in-house. They must, however, make a profit in order to stay in business and continue to serve you, so depending on what all is included you might not see immediate cost savings. However, if you receive more for the money spent, you are indeed saving. For example, if you get higher quality, consistency, and reliability while spending no more money, you can still count yourself ahead. If your formerly static and out-of-date website is now informative and inviting, you are way ahead financially and in reputation.

#4 Management

Some schools like the idea of more than one person being able to upload content to their website. Their theory that "many hands make light work," can quickly become "too many cooks spoil the broth" if some oversight for how and where to post this information isn't strategically managed. When many people have access to upload content, the tone and the message of the content can vary drastically within your website. Inconsistent messaging, tone, and voice, can hurt your school's image and branding, and you can lose credibility. Especially if you have teachers or staff who like to underline, highlight, and bold text, then use exclamation marks for emphasis.

Setting clear expectations and establishing style sheets can help reduce this problem, but one or two people should still review content before it's uploaded, just to be consistent—and that adds time and money to your website management process. So while CMS might seem like a perfect website solution you can control, there are a lot of other factors to consider that might not become apparent until you're hip-deep in website issues. While managing your own CMS might be what others are doing, it may no longer be the wisest use of your staff's time or skills.

#5 Training Time – recurring expenses

One of the often hidden costs when keeping your website management in-house is that of training. No matter how well designed your CMS system might be, no matter how good the documentation is, training is be required. Anyone who has been requested to provide content will need to be trained—not only on the system you're using but to include all aspects for keeping your website looking professional and representing your school as you'd like. This means using best practices, having an eye for good design, good grammar and spelling, inviting tone, avoiding passive voice, following a standardized style guide, and much more. And training will be an ongoing cost—with staff changes and refresher courses, it will be at least a yearly project that will take time and money (and possibly resentment by staff who are already wearing too many hats and don't appreciate being given one more). The more people editing the site, the more the cost in time and budget.

#6 Gaining Commitment

You and your staff are committed to your professions. You're enthused and motivated. But transferring that enthusiasm to the website means taking time and commitment away from your job to update the website. It's just not a top priority. Whether it is the IT department or teaching staff assigned the duty, it is not the primary objective for them. There are other duties more important. By outsourcing to someone whose job it is to keep your site current, intuitive, and informative, you get commitment.

#7 Improved Quality

Look next at the quality and service levels you have now against what you would have if you take this to an off-site provider. The goal, besides saving your school board some money, which cannot be ignored, is whether or not you end up doing a better job with your website than you are doing now. Your website can be a vital part of attracting new students, quality staff, and establishing outstanding communication channels within your community.

No matter how large or small your school is, quality in education matters for everything you touch. By using your CMS software to allow everyone to post to your site, you are likely to see a decline in the quality and accuracy of the site content. But, if you narrow the input to only a few trained staff members, your content will be sparse and your website uninformative. They just won't have all the knowledge to keep the site current.

There is a better choice and you can get the best of both worlds. You can have lots of current and informative content, posted in a manner that keeps the high quality you must maintain. School websites are your primary communications tool and often the first impression people have of your school. So, quality matters.

#8 Continuity and Disaster Preparedness

The requirements of keeping up with the latest software and the redundancy, safety, and backup requirements needed to keep your websites up and running with optimum speed and efficiency can be a full-time job. Not many schools or districts have the funds or personnel to manage this in-house. Space, power, and capacity can all be scalable when outsourced.

The complexity of managing a website has gotten exponentially more challenging in the past few years. Just watch the nightly news to see who was recently hacked to be reminded of this reality—and those are companies with extensive security in place. Your IT department needs to be focused on their core responsibilities, and this isn't one of them.

In Summary

So, take a look at what you are doing now. Is it really what is best for your school and your staff and your patrons? Contact us and let us show you how we can manage this for you and for a lower cost than you can keep it in-house. Is it time to take your website management to the next level? If so, our Responsive School Websites have got your back!

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