Unexpected Student ID Benefits

Security is the main reason schools implement photo ID systems but they report significant other unexpected benefits such as improved behaviour and increased student involvement.

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Many schools and educational institutions have recently been forced to revisit their security systems, and are consistently introducing photo ID cards and badges as one of the most beneficial and cost-effective changes they could make to improve their security profile. Once the photo ID cards were implemented however, they were pleasantly surprised to discover several other hidden benefits they had not considered.

In a study conducted by McMaster University, Ontario Canada, most organizations listed identifying their students and staff, and to restrict access to their assets and resources as the primary reason they started issuing photo IDs. Once their identity systems were implemented however, they discovered several other tangible benefits they had not considered of before. It was widely reported that the heightened level of security gained from implementing their photo ID card programmes was often accompanied with a boost in student and staff morale.

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