How EMIS Software Brings School Communities Together

Take a look from a few different stakeholder perspectives to see how a school management system like iSchool TT can be the glue that helps binds your school community together.

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Why use iSchool TT management software to run your school? Let's take a look from a few different stakeholder perspectives and show you how iSchool can be the glue that helps binds the school community.

School Administrators

Communication through iSchool TT is powerful. It's as simple as selecting a class, year or the entire school and clicking 'send' to deliver emails, questionnaires and SMS messages. You can also create custom groups of parents, staff, teachers and students using convenient search terms.

Instant access to a centralised data repository for students, parents and staff information. No more searching through files or making calls to find out where students are, if they are present or absent, what class a teacher is giving or searching for parents contact details. With very little training, iSchool TTis user friendly giving you unprecedented control over the administration of your school.

Since everyone comes to you for help, you need reliable support and we've got your back. Our support staff are always there to help with any questions or issues you have using iSchool TT.


IT Staff

Like all SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, iSchool TT is an infrastructure dream. A modern browser and internet connection is all you need. We take care of training and support leaving you with fewer tickets, fewer systems to manage and ultimately far fewer headaches to deal with. Budgeting is simple! No hardware, software or upgrade surprises to factor in and fight for. We even do all your back ups for you.

Responsibility for security rests with the IT department but few people recognise how much work is involved ensuring school data is kept safe. Our security system allows you to set up groups of people in iSchool TT to give you ultimate control over who can access the system, which part of the system they can use and what data they can see. iSchool TT conforms to the world's most recognised security standard, ISO27001. We have your back when it comes to keep your school data secure.

School Principal

With so many separate school functions that must work together in harmony, you have your work cut out to make everything work in harmony. We can't solve all your problems but we can give you one powerful system together with exceptional support to help bring your entire staff and organisation of your school together in one integrated student information management system.

Reduce the strain on your IT staff, allow teachers to take attendance, prepare grade reports and set assignments easily. Keep parents informed without breaking a sweat and give students access to their assignments and grades as soon as they are available. Save your bursar weeks of cash-flow stress and let your administrators oversee and manage the whole school with less fuss.

Annual budgeting is simple. No hefty set up, roll over or one-off administrative fees, no additional support fees or hidden upgrade costs. We have one simple price per term based on your school population, and that's it! Your head of IT won't be requesting additional hardware or staff to manage new servers or data back ups.

Save investment in multiple software solutions and the individual inefficiencies and overheads that come with running so many separate systems. With one single powerful system, we can help you eliminate printing and paper costs and reduce meetings with iSchool TT's efficient communication tools. Assignments, attendance, timetabling and reporting is all available instantly, online.


Reduce the time you spend on admin and free yourself to do what you do best, teach. iSchool TT puts ALL your admin duties in one easily accessible place. No printing or photocopying and no paper sheets to fill in and file.  Get a quick overview of your courses, students and their guardians and then drill down to detailed information on grades, assignments, timetables or contact details.

Attendance taking is quick and simple and filing disciplinary reports can be done directly in the system. Set home work and assignments and easily view those assignments for the whole term in one single view. Store and share any digital material in iSchool TT with your students for them to instantly access and use in their assignments, class or generally.   Complete and submit grade reports quickly and easily. Create and manage your own pre-saved comment templates to speed up the grade report process.


Never miss a school event or teacher/parent meeting. Receive your chidren's grade reports as soon as they are published or find out what homework they have. Keep in constant touch with school and see exactly what classes your children are in or who their teachers are. Sign permission slips or complete school questionnaires all online. iSchool TT brings parents, students and staff together like never before.


Cut down on note taking and having to remember everything; it's all in iSchool TT. Your class timetable, school announcements, assignments, grades and transcripts are all are right there, even after you graduate. Check up on your attendance record and get instant access to your current and past grades.

Check out our complete listing of iSchool TT Student Information System Features and Benefits and just imagine the transformational effect it can have in your school!

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